NBS Projects 2018-2021

Here is a list of past and upcoming projects of the Nordic Baroque Scene. Click on the links to find out more!

-2018-2019 Viking Barokk Oslo, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Helsinki
-October 2020 Finnish Baroque Orchestra / Oslo Early
-August 2021 NBS tutti / Aria Borealis -events in Helsinki
-October 2021 Barokkanerne / Helsinki Early Music Festival
-October 2021 Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble / Helsinki Early Music Festival
-October 2021 NBS-chamber (Barokkanerne, Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble, Finnish Baroque Orchestra ) / Helsinki Early Music Festival


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Laura Kajander
C/O Concerto Copenhagen
Store Kannikestr├Žde 8, 1
DK-1169 Copenhagen K
VAT No: DK-14280030